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That Margaret Rum - 750 ml

That Margaret Rum - 750 ml

Pump House Brewery
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Pump House Distilleries
  • Container Size : 750 mL
  • 40% Alc/vol.
  • Extra Smooth
  • 100% Canadian Made

Tricks of the trade are what kept the trade alive. During prohibition, the Margaret was a ship enlisted to help stop the rum runners operating between Moncton, NB and Malpeque Bay, PE. but Maritimers got crafty to uphold their love of rum. Rum Runners would drop the rum overboard with a buoy and a large chunk of salt to sink the load when the rum patrol came investigating. The salt would dissolve, the rum and buoy would reappear and the runners would return for their bounty and take off again.

That Margaret is a toast to the history of rum in the Maritimes with a wink to those that tried to stop us.