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Nio 9 Starköl - 473 ml can

Nio 9 Starköl - 473 ml can

Pump House Brewery
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  • Alcohol content : 9.0%
  • Quantity per container : 1
  • Container Size : 473 mL
  • Country of origin : Canada

With a history of brewing that predates written records, Norse culture has a tremendous connection with beer. In fact, beer was the national drink of Sweden for many centuries. 

Nio 9 celebrates this connection by delivering a unique and powerful tasting experience suitable for even the most hardened Viking.

Swedish for strong beer, Starköl is an official classification in Sweden. We named it Nio after the Swedish word for nine, and quite frankly because it sounds really cool.

Nio 9 is the strongest ever Pump House beer at 9.0% ABV. Unlike most strong beers, Nio 9 was designed to not compromise on taste and drinkability and to deliver on the promise of a quality craft beer. With pleasant hop aromas and a full, slightly fruity character, it has a very strong yet smooth flavour that leaves you with a warm feeling even after a few sips.